My journey in Art

Thank you for viewing my website.

I attempt to have this site show a continuing progress as I make my third journey along the path of actively being a producing artist. This is the third time I've taken to that path.  It has lead me from the hills of Appalachia through the many museums where I study my masters.

I first saw the path in 1959 but did not take to it until 1963.  I played with it until entering GSU's art program in 1970 and seriously began learning the craft behind making art.  There I gave myself a broad based education in making art and its history in Western Civilization.

I entered the corporate work world to earn a living and gradually put aside making art.  In 1987 I found myself as a road warrior and began to carry a sketchbook to fill long hours of hotel boredom.  That mid-life crisis was a journey back into art.

An incident in 1990 took me away from that journey.  Art would wait for my retirement which I took in 2003 and began the process of retraining the art skills both in mind and body.  This is the journey you will see displayed here.

It is to be on-going at last.

Like Hokusai, I am an

" old man mad about drawing".