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My Grand-mother was Susann "Susie" Robinson...

Her grandfather was George Robinson, who was born in South Carolina.  The history of George and his family is listed below:

George Robinson Family Timeline

September 14, 1796 - June 18, 1875

According to the information provided in a declaration for Bounty land made for his military services in the Creek Indian War of 1836, George Robinson was born near the branches of the Lynches Creek in northern South Carolina, most likely Spartanburg, which in 1791-99 was part of the Pinckney District. The parents of George Robinson are unknown.

First Family of George Robinson

1820---George was married, on September 14, 1820, his twenty fourth birthday, to Mary Twaddell (orMary T. Wadell) in South Carolina. (This information came from the pension application made by his second wife, Lucinda Dixon Robinson).

1821---Sarah Robinson, born June 28, 1821 in SC, died about 1830 in Harris County, GA.

1823---Jane Robinson, born April 19, 1823 in SC, married Silas B. Long on February 17, 1842 in Conecuh.

1825---George Robinson and Mary resided in South Carolina at least until 1825 as the 1850 Federal 1825-Census indicates their third child, Elizabeth, was born in South Carolina ,born June 9, 1825 in SC, married Roats. (first name and date unknown)

1827-Mary Ann, born June 6, 1827, married Franklin A. Seymour on April 2, 1842 in Conecuh.

1829--Amelia, born March 26, 1829 in GA, married Mosell W. Cabnip Sept. 5, 1850 in Conecuh. George moved his family into the State of Georgia and was residing in Harris County by 1829.

1830--George Robinson was called to jury duty there, also bought and sold land. He was identified in the 1830 Federal census of Harris County as George Robertson, and the Harris County Jury records show him as both Robertson and Robinson.

1831- Joseph Robinson, born December 12, 1831 in GA, died January 10, 1857 in Conecuh, AL.

1832-George applied for a draw in the Georgia Gold Lottery as a resident of the Robinson District of Harris County, Georgia and was successful but for some reason never claimed his draw as he had already moved into the State of Alabama. George's next residence and land purchase was in old Pike County.

1834--Baby born and died January 20, 1834 in Pike, AL.

1836--At the age of thirty nine, in Pike Co.,Al, George Robinson signed up for military service in the Indian Wars of 1836-- George served as 2nd Sgt. in McDougald’s Company, Denson’s Alabama Infantry, for three months. About this time he also purchased land near the Sparta Land Office in Sparta, Conecuh County, Alabama. George then sold his property in Pike County, Alabama.

1836--George Washington Robinson,was born April 16, 1836 in Pike, AL.

1837--George Robinson, moved with his family to Conecuh County

1838--Thomas Jefferson, born Dec. 25, 1838 in Conecuh, Al., reported as having died September 13, in Culpepper, Va.

1841--Mary Twaddell Robinson died May 1, about the time of the birth of Frances Victoria. Mary was buried in the Old Beulah Church Cemetery near Sparta. (no grave marker has been found for her.) Mary had given birth to ten children,only eight of them surviving to adulthood.

1850--- Federal census of Conecuh County,Alabama, records George Robinson as living with his unmarried children and eleven slaves near Edmond Bruton and Eliza Bruton in Conecuh, Alabama. (Edmond and Eliza claimed homesteads in 1851/1854 and the community that grew up there later became Brewton, Escambia Co., Alabama.)

Second Family of George Robinson

1856--January 20, George Robinson, age 59, was married in Brooklyn, Conecuh County, by J. G. Robinson (no direct relation), Justice of the Peace, to Lucinda Dixon, age 21, daughter of Capt. Wiley Beauregard Dixon and  Elsie Parmelia May.

 1865-- due to the total loss of all civil records and documents when the Sparta Courthouse burned , information on what has happened to the descendants of the first family of George and Mary (Twadale?) Robinson before the fire is scarce.

1857-- George Robinson purchased land in Section 4, Township 13, Range 13, and began to build their new homestead . The Robinson family was residing at this location during the Civil war. Susan Robinson,was born about 1857, died March 7, 1862 at about the age of five.

1859--Margaret Ann was born January 3, and she died March 10, 1929.

1860--John Darling, born October 3, married (1) Martha Jane Wade June 5, 1881, (2) Margaret (Pie) Wade July 30, 1901,he died December 23, 1939.

1862--Wiley Beaureguard was born April 12, married Lilla Rosetta Pate on March 2, 1898, and he died May 23, 1943.

1864--George R. was born November 30, and he married Emma Nabraska Tisdale,and he died March 28, 1922.

1865--William M. "Bill",was born May 15,and he married Katie Thames on July 2, 1899. He died April 20, 1949.

1868-- George Robinson was awarded an 80 acre homestead for his military services in the Civil War. This homestead is in this same Section 4, Township 13, Range 13 and this is where the Old Robinson Cemetery is located. With the purchase of land and the military grant, George Robinson owned a total of 520 acres.

1867--Joseph H. Robinson was born March 10, and he married Armitta "Mittie" McLelland  on December 11, 1890. He died May 9, 1950 and is buried at the New Hope Church Cemetery in Covington,Al. Susann Robinson , the daughter of Joseph Robinson & Armitta "Mittie" McLelland, was born on the 9th of Oct. 1900. Susie Robinson at the age of 22, on the 19th of May 1923 in Santa Rosa Co., Fl. She married  Joseph Lindsey West. By 1930, Joe & Susie were living in Munson, Santa Rosa Co., Florida .Sometime about the mid 1930's,Susie, Joe & family moved back to Brewton, Al. Susie was very talented at doing wood carvings and sculpting with clay. Susie died at the age of 97 after a long confinement in a nursing home in Mar 1998 due to having a stroke. See Favorite Family Photos for photos of Susie and her parents, Joe Robinson and Armitta "Mittie" McLelland.

1869--Charles, born November 5, he married Carolina Rhoda L. Frazier on June 27, 1895,and he died August 16, 1938.

1872-- George Robinson was in failing health and wrote out his last will and testament, listing all of his children by Lucinda as his heirs. This will did not include the last child of George and Lucinda, David E.Robinson, who was born April 27, 1873.

1873-- David E.was born April 27. He first married (1) Allie Bennett, (2) Allie H. Hooks, (3) Susie Taylor on January 14, 1913, died (not recorded)

1875--June, George Robinson was taken to Brooklyn to seek medical assistance. June 18th, 1875, George died there and was returned to his homestead to be buried there by his daughter. George Robinson and Lucinda (Dixon) had nine children,with eight of them reaching adulthood.

Much of this information was researched by another Robinson descendant over many years of research. Anyone with more information or corrections to the information above, please contact me, so that we may update the George Robinson Family Tree.

Research Note:    I have recently found a letter to my mother from my g/ma Susie Robinson, that she sent many years ago which names a first cousin of George Robinson that came with him to Al. The name of this cousin was "Matt" Robinson . She goes on to list many details about the family of "Matt".  After some research, I found James "Matt" M. Robinson of Covington Co., Alabama on the 1900 Federal Census. He was born abt 1837 in Ga. His wife was named Kate (surname possibly is McIves), his daughters were Katie (b. abt 1877) who married a James "Dink" Henderson & Maggie (b.abt 1883),who married a Baggett. Son, James "Jimmy" Robinson (b.abt 1872), was a Judge in Andalusia,Covington Co., Alabama for many years. There was also another son, Alexander H. Robinson,who was born abt.1872. Matt also worked with "Buck" (possibly John Issac b.1850 Al.) Dixon (Susie's g/uncle) at a saw mill, on the 1900 census, his occupation is Preacher. It appears that this family is indeed related, though just how, is yet to be determined. Anyone with anymore information on any of the people listed above, please contact me.

Family Members

Father: George Robinson

Mother: Mary Twadell

  1. Sarah

  2. Jane

  3. Elizabeth

  4. Mary Ann

  5. Amelia

  6. Joseph

  7. Baby died

  8. George Washington

  9. Thomas Jefferson

  10. Frances Victoria

Mother: Lucinda Dixon


  1. Susan

  2. Margaret Ann

  3. John Darling

  4. Wiley Beaureguard

  5. George R.

  6. William M.

  7. Joseph H.

  8. Charles

  9. David E.


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