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"A Newly Forming Group For The Understanding and Advancement Of  Colored Bostons"

  • Welcome to all who are intrigued by the unusual, and  want to venture beyond the confines of Boston Terriers in merely black and white. Are you the sort who can "think outside the box", "push the envelope", "march to a different drummer"? Overused terms maybe, but that's what you're doing when you decide you like Bostons in color! We are daring to be different when we choose to enjoy, promote and breed colors, in a black and white Boston world....and frankly, we are just crazy about colored Bostons and would like them even if they were commonplace! [Must confess though, they do seem somewhat exotic due to the rarity].
  • Prices
Anything hard to get is usually pricey unless of course, no one wants it.  Prices of the various colors are higher than the regular colors, and some colors being harder to get, are higher than others. Usually prices range from $500 to $1500, this is for practical reasons. But as some will tell it, greed is the only motive for the high prices or even breeding them at all,  however that has not been my experience with the majority of colored fanciers I've met.
 There is much more effort and expense involved in finding colored dogs, little or no competion for buyers, (that would force lower prices), and it's expensive for the seller to get their breeding stock to start with, both in the price of the dog and getting them transported, since sometimes they have to be flown in from far away, which is very costly. When and if these colors are ever common, they will be priced much lower accordingly.
  • Our "Club"
Recently a couple of us have re-started (it fizzled out once due to differing goals) the All-Color Boston Club or Network, with the intent of sharing  our passion for the colored Bostons with other enthusiasts. We aim to connect fanciers, breeders and buyers, broaden our knowledge and find what's "out there" in these currently rare color varieties.
  • Boston Terrier Club Of America AKC Standard   
The AKC Boston Club of America disallows other colors than black, brindle and seal (black with red cast, NOT red) in the show standard, and does not permit them to be shown. We are not affiliated with them in any way. They disapprove of colored Bostons and actually believe they should be eliminated.  The BTCA would have AKC stop registering them if they had their way, but AKC does in fact, register them. We see nothing harmful in prefering these delightful colors as pets, there is no research indicating they are inferior in any way to the standard colors.  .
  • Shows
For those interested/curious about possibly showing colored dogs,  there are a couple other dog clubs that put on shows and colored Bostons can compete to win titles at their events.
  • The Future
 The idea of Bostons coming in a variety of colors is a new and delightful discovery to most people. At this point we know of red or chocolate, fawn, blue, cream and tricolor. There may be other colors to discover still which is something we look forward to.. Hopefully through this web site we can make new friends, have fun,  be supportive of each other, learn and share, and not be critical of others, as club members often tend to become. We all need each other's support in dealing with a few show breeders or members of BTCA making a mean-spirited comment now and then (surely there are more important things to be concerned about than whether people are breeding colored Bostons!)
  • Help!      
I need help putting this web site together and maintaining it. This site is currently just the bare bones so I'm giving a link to my own web site which provides more in depth helpful information on colors. This info will eventually be incorporated into this site. I welcome other color breeders links also. I need help with articles or other contributions, e- mailing notices to people etc.
  • Ideas
I envision many things that I would love to make happen but can't do it myself for lack of time. I want to create a health/temperament data bank for defects and problems. [This can be totally anonymous]. I have planned for some time on creating a color registry such as is standard in horses and am eager for time to get that started., A "pups/adults for sale" section mailed regularly to help Sellers and buyers connect is planned and will accept colored dogs for sale info from those on the membership list. Also I want a e-newsletter which will have helpful tips or articles, perhaps a breeder profile if someone wanted to do that, and once a year at least, a stud book. But things need to start slow and not end up where our reach exceeds our grasp.  
I hope you like these ideas, maybe have some of your own, and will join with us in our efforts to unite the colored Boston fanciers. We will all benefit. Be sure to send an e-mail to let me know what you think (or to contribute articles or ideas). I'll try to update regularly so check back often!
        Susan Stafford                                                   

Nov. '06

Blue Puppy


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